The Best Grenache Blends (That You Haven’t Tried Yet!)

Grenache is such a likeable grape: low in tannin, high in alcohol and always packed with juicy red fruit.  Super easy-to-drink and incredibly food-friendly- what’s not to like!

One of the most exciting attributes of Grenache, though, is how well it blends with other grapes.  Syrah and Mourvedre are the most common partners-in-crime, but Grenache blends with Cabernet are starting to become more common, as well.

Here are a few favs to try:
2010 Gotim Bru ($15.99)
In this Spanish red, Grenache adds softness to the robust Cab, the brilliant Tempranillo and the spicy Syrah. You’ll see a fair amount of herbal character along with the juicy red and black berry notes. Try this with standing rib roast this holiday season!

Domaine de l’Hortus Le Loup dans Bergerie ($12.99)
Making up 80% of the blend, Grenache is the star player of this southern French red. The Syrah added gives hints of pepper and brilliant acidity, but the Grenache is soft, fruit-forward and very juicy. Drink this in place of your favorite Beaujolais or California Pinot Noir.

2013 Ouled Thaleb Moroccan Red ($15.99)
I bet you’d never have expected to see a Moroccan red in our store but actually, sunny Morocco has an excellent terroir for bold, concentrated red wines. This blend of Cab and Grenache is organically grown and hand-harvested, and features dark fruit, black cherry and vanilla flavors.

Marietta Christo Lot 2 ($18.99)
The Marietta winery is famous for making excellent non-vintage wines- don’t let that lack of age statement throw you off! This is a deliberate choice so that the winemakers can keep the quality and profile consistent from year to year, even in bad vintages. In addition to the rustic, earthy Syrah and cherry-laden Grenache, Petite Sirah is added for depth of color and velvety plushness while a smidge of Viognier gives lift and vibrancy.

2012 Domaine de Couron Marselan ($18.99)
Hey, did you know you know Grenache has a hybrid baby with Cab? Marselan is a cross-bred grape that is grown almost exclusively in the Languedoc region of France (though there are some plantings in California, Spain and China). Offering medium-body, deep color and firm tannins, the Couron Marselan is a stellar “something different” for fans of Rhone reds, Bordeaux and Meritage.