Summer of Riesling 2016!

What is the summer of Riesling? Well, according to their website, the point of this promotion is:
“By bringing everyone together and handing them a glass of Riesling and engaging them in conversation, with the thrust of the dialogue centering on:
Balance…of bone-crushing acidity and potential sweetness

Complexity…like a conversation with Rust Cohle about M-Theory

Delicacy…as if Lionel Messi was shimmying through the Real Madrid defense

Longevity…suffice it to say, a sword of Valyrian steel does not last as long

Sense of Place…even Bigfoot’s footprint cannot encapsulate all the terroir that Riesling contains”**

I’ll take it!

Some fun facts:
-Riesling originated in Germany but is now grown in many cooler-climate wine regions around the world, including New York, the Alsace region of France, Canada, Austria, Washington and even cooler parts of California and Australia!

-Unlike Chardonnay, where the magic happens more in the winery, Riesling’s magic mostly happens in the vineyard- if you don’t grow a good Riesling, you’re probably not going to make a good Riesling. This grape doesn’t respond well to intervention or oak.

-The best Rieslings can be capable of aging for many years and you’ll find some outstanding dessert wine Rieslings that can be held for decades!

-Riesling is super food-friendly due to the balance of sugar and acidity. Pair your drier Rieslings with things like salad, raw items, sushi or white fish and your sweeter Rieslings with savory/spicy dishes, especially Thai or Indian.

From driest to sweetest:
2014 Vineland Dry Riesling (Canada) $15.99
2014 Wiemer Dry Riesling (NY-Finger Lakes) $19.99
2014 Spicy Goat Riesling (Germany) $15.99
2012 Boundary Breaks Riesling (NY- Finger Lakes) $16.99
2012 Leonard Oakes Riesling (NY- Niagara) $14.99
2014 Standing Stone Riesling Ice (NY- Finger lakes) $28.99


**Summer of Riesling